Brocaded Shrine

We went to 談山神社(Tanzan-shrine) to go maple viewing. It takes about two hours from Nara city by car. As the temple locates in the mountain  people come to there by their own car. So all parking lots were filled to capacity. About 50 cars were making a long line along the road to wait for parking. I was disappointed the length of the cue and I didn't want to line. We made U-turn and descended and found a vacant somehow. But I had to go up the road on foot again.

Around 7 century, there was the center of politics near this shrine.
A football game was held at one temple. At that time, one of shoes of a prince,中大兄皇子(Nakanoooe-no-oji ) has come off and flied. A member of a powerful family,蘇我入鹿(Soga-no-iruka) scorned it. But a member of another family,中臣鎌足(Nakatomi-no-kamatari) pick it up and handed over the prince. Like this、both 中大兄皇子and 中臣鎌足 met at the game. They went behind this shrine ( this shrine wasn't built then yet. later this shrine was built for 中臣鎌足)and talked over about to assassinate 蘇我入鹿. Because 蘇我入鹿 became to have stronger power than the Emperor in the palace. After this assassination (A.D.645), a political reform took place and the politics by the Emperor started again.

I heard from one Canadian that we Canadian don't have a custom to enjoy colored leaves. Huh? I naturally admire trees aflame with red and yellow leaves. Maple trees in Japan are more beautiful than other country because of Japanese climate ,I wonder? Or it's for our DNA? According to a book,
 around 9 century, aristocrats held a banquet, enjoying colored leaves and they wrote tanka poetry about the beauty of them to compete.

Also according to legend, A goddess, 竜田姫(Tatuta-hime) had been living in Mt.Tatuta where locates at west of Nara. She administered Autumn. She was wearing autumn's plant of  brocade with vivid scarlet or golden color and dyed mountains,swinging sleeves.

    Thank you for coming, Friends!
 I will leave here in Nara and stay in Yokohama for a while because of upcoming my daughter's child-birth.
 So I'll take a break. Have a nice day!   Until next time.

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Giga さんのコメント...

I am surprised at all that they were having trouble parking the car, because this place is fabulous. Regards.

Joy さんのコメント...

I am happy to be back and witnessed this very colorful and amazing place.
Congratulation with your upcoming grandchild:)

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Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Sara, what a gorgeous Autumn you are experiencing. So many beautiful trees,maybe in Japan you have a greater love of them. Lovely photos!

Best wishes,

Wendy さんのコメント...

Beautiful pictures, Sarah. Our Canadian Thanksgiving takes place when the autumn leaves are the most colourful. So even though it's not a "coloured leaf" holiday - we do celebrate the turning of leaves. It's gorgeous!

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild!

Rahul Bhatia さんのコメント...

I am sure it must have been thrilling to see so much color of nature all around you, Sarah!

Birgitta さんのコメント...

So beautiful photos! Such colors!

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Existe Sempre Um Lugar さんのコメント...

Boa tarde, o transtorno causado pelos aglomeração dos carros, foi bem compensado para apreciar a grande beleza do templo e da natureza, as fotos são maravilhosas com belas cores.
Abraço de Portugal

Barb さんのコメント...

Sarah, I definitely enjoy admiring fall colors - both in your photos and in my state of Colorado. I love the depth of your photos - the lanterns are wonderful. The overhanging trees have such spectacular shapes. Enjoy your daughter and her family at this special time of birth.

Our photos さんのコメント...

Wow, the colors of those trees. That is beautiful !

Nippon Nin さんのコメント...

紅葉がとても鮮やか! 歴史の話も大変興味深かったです。歴史は大好きですが、その時代のは詳しくないです。
奈良って本当に素敵なところですね。 京都ともども、日本人が誇れる街だと思いますが、奈良の方が静寂を強く感じます。 

Camila Rafaela Felippi さんのコメント...

Very beautiful colors! But, I think I'll never learn to read, write and speak this language (Japanese, yes?). It's seem so so so so difficult!

NatureFootstep さんのコメント...

I don´t know about canadians, but I adore yoru flaming treees. And you did capure them very well. :)

Minoru Saito さんのコメント...

こんにちは。 談山神社に大化の改新の相談の行われた所と書いてあったのを記憶してます。

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Ramakrishnan さんのコメント...

Bright colorful and breathtaking ! Is this place in heaven or earth !

Camila Rafaela Felippi さんのコメント...

Wonderful trees!
My father planted a yellow ipe at home. The tree is still small, but already has a flower, very beautiful!

Akanksha Jain さんのコメント...

Experiencing heaven on earth. Fabulous clicks.

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

Paisagens maravilhosas!!!

HAPPY 2015!!!
ིه° ·.

Tomoko さんのコメント...


Wish you and your family the best for 2015!


Kiran Palwasha さんのコメント...

Beautiful. A mesmerizing place.