Summer greeting from the ancient capital

It's high Summer in Japan now. Japanese people get along in hot, sultry days. How about you?

My friend and I went to see lotus flowers at vestige of 藤原京(Fujiwara-kyo)
藤原京(Fujiwara-Kyo) is south of Nara city and it was the capital in Japan during the year 694~710, before the capital was moved to Heijyo-Kyo in Nara city. It takes about 30 minutes from Nara city by train.
Now here is only field surrounded three small mountain( Mt.Miminashi, Mt. Kagu, Mt.Unebi) or rice paddies.

At a part of the field of Fujiwara-Kyo, A lot of lotus were full blooming.

The day we visited there was very hot. Tall thriving lotus flowers were growing toward the deep blue Summer sky.
Deep blue Summer sky. Deep blue or white are Summer color,I think. 持統天皇(Female Emperor,Jito)was
ruling Japan in those days at Fujiwara-Kyo and this is one of her tanka poetry.
   春過ぎて 夏きたるらし 白妙の 衣ほしたり 天の香久山

It means Spring was over and Summer came. So white clothes are hung out toward Mt.Kagu. It's Summer-like view. White stood out under Summer strong light.

Yellow cosmos also were full blooming in the field of Fujiwara-Kyo.

                                        With Mt.Miminasi that is one of three mountain in Fujiwara-Kyo.

                          A baseball-boy was riding among yellow cosmos and green rice paddy.

We were going to leave there and supposed to call a taxi. But  there was too spacious around so we didn't know where we were. There were nobody around there. We couldn't meet anyone to ask where we were. But at last we discovered one man who was leaving his house. We only wanted to know the address we were standing  to call a taxi but he called a taxi for us and her mother invited us to have a cup of tea in her house.
I was impressed with their kindness for us, strangers. According to the taxi driver, " all people around here are kind like them".
I had a impression that they succeeded houses, estate, rice paddies, fortune etc, from their ancestors,maybe from the ancestor of the period of Fujiwara-Kyo and they've been  farming diligently at the rice-paddies. Around there in Nara, disasters must have been striking  little. So they could accumulate wealthy as I've read about it in a newspaper.

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sarah さんのコメント...

To Minoru、
Thank you for your comment!

Rahul Bhatia さんのコメント...

Absolutely beautiful and a visual treat Sarah!

orchid Miyako さんのコメント...

Oh, how beautiful your pictures of lotus flowers at vestige of 藤原京(Fujiwara-kyo)♡♡♡ As always, made me wish to visit Nara. As my husband has a handicap for his both eggs (he can walk, though). Travelling is not our pastime even after his retirement :-)

Reading you and Minoru-san's comments really was educational to me☆☆☆

Sincerely from Yamaguchi, xoxo Miyako*

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Wow! Outstanding pictures!

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I love the lotus flowers. Very beautiful !

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so much richness from the lotus flowers. So beautiful. :)

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A lovely colourful series of captures, Sarah. The Lotus flowers are spectacular. Thank you for sharing (and for visiting my blog)

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Impossible to decide which is more beautiful: lotus or cosmos. Lotus flowers are so perfect, but cosmos flowers are so cheerful!

PS: Yay for summer! The hotter the better for this southern barbarian. ;)

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Fabulous flowers .....beautiful photos! I love the image of the small boy in the lotus field.
Thank you for sharing the beauty.

Happy weekend!

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so good of the lady to make you tea while waiting for your taxi

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Beautiful photographs! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :)

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As flores de lótus estão belíssimas!!!
Suas fotografias tão maravilhosas!!!!
Bom fim de semana!

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So many flowers with great colors! Some of your photos are very artistic. Hope you have a good time over there:-)

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such beautiful images of the lilies...lovely totally lovely!!


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Spectacular images, dear Sarah! Love them all. And so nice to hear the story of the kind strangers you met. Kindness from people we meet is one thing that sustains us from travel to travel.

PS: It's raining here in Mumbai, wish you happy summer days in Nara.

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Hi Sarah, you have really beautiful summer there with lovely flowers.I can only wish for such summer season that i may enjoy but what we have in pakistan is totally in contrast, We have really hard summer here Even the flowers dies and people get sick of hot.

Enjoy the moderate season !

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I'm in love with lotus flowers! Sometimes I can't believe in the world can be places so perfect like this!

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Gorgeous lotus blooms & stunning pictures of yellow cosmos and green rice paddy.

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Uma ótima semana!

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breathtaking pictures ...

wonderful post