The world of the monochrome

There was the heaviest snowfall in many years around Nara district.
After waking up and open the window I discovered so white snow world outside. It's very beautiful, quiet morning. Then I got a call from a friend that it's a good chance to take  snow views today.
As it's so cold I was reluctant to go outside but that  call encouraged me to go outside.

At the entrance, I hesitated which boot I should put on. I don't have long snow boot. Because we rarely have snow in Nara area. So I put on mountain-climbing boots.

While I was walking to the station, traffic was blocked with a stalled truck on a snow slope. A patrol car was crying to another cars "U-turn". I thought u-turn is tough work on the snow slope. Many cars didn't take snow-tires or chain. Very dangerous. Drivers aren't used to  the snow road.
A commuting bus also had an accident and many commuters had to walk about 2kilometers to the station.
At the station, trains had 18minutes' delay. The announce said " Due to snow, trains run slowly." Japanese trains usually seldom delay but it's no wonder today.

Heavy snow and water of thawing snow soaked  my shoes soon in Nara park.

                                                  Kofukuji-temple ,five-storied pagoda



                                              Kofukuji-temple, hakakudo

                                          The approach to kasuga-grand-shrine

                            Deers eat leaves. So trees around here are trimmed at the level of  deer's height.




The view seemed like monochrome painting. Black and white and stillness. The snow is only accumulating with no sound. This was a monochrome world like a Japanese ink wash painting.
Japanese ink wash painting flourished in 室町時代(Muromachi-era,1392~1573). As the Ashikaga-Shogun in Muromachi-era protected Zen, Zen culture thrived and influenced on monks who drew the ink wash painting like 雪舟(Sesyu). They depicted actual view or mountain landscape in Japan with the original way.

                                                                 Japanese ink wash painting by 雪舟

          Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day!

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Giga さんのコメント...

To z jednej strony z pewnością bardzo miłe widoki, tym bardziej, że śnieg nie jest u Was często. Utrudnia to jednak życie. Pozdrawiam.
On the one hand, certainly very nice views, the more that the snow is not on you often. This makes it difficult but life. Yours.

Rahul Bhatia さんのコメント...

Absolutely amazing pictures, Sarah of the beautiful landscapes covered under a blanket of snow!

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Our photos さんのコメント...

Beautiful snow photos!

Birgitta さんのコメント...

Gorgeous photos! Wishing you a beautiful day!

NatureFootstep さんのコメント...

a lovely snowy world. My favourite image is the Ukimi-do. :)

Good luck with playing with snow. :)

Arti さんのコメント...

I have been reading about the sudden snow in Nara in all of your blogs, and though all this looks beautiful from our side I can imagine how life might come to a standstill there. Love how you compared this with a monologue painting, indeed very beautiful, surreal and artistic it all looks in your pictures. And how thoughtful to trim the leaves to deer's height. I wish sunny days return soon.. Take care, dear Sarah and wish you a great weekend ahead! :)

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

°º♫♬° ·.
Fotos muito bonitas, mas a neve também representa perigo.

Bom fim de semana!


ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah-san.

Snow scene is suitable for monochrome.
Majesty of temples stands out.

Thank you for the beautiful moment.
Take care of yourself.

Spiderdama さんのコメント...

Wow! Looks so unreal with the snow, but so beautiful! I really like new snow:-)
The with is great against the red colors of your buildings.

Hope you have a blessed weekend:-)

Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Thank you for sharing your experience and beautiful atmospheric photos.The silence created by falling snow is always special.
The deer look cold and a little perplexed!

Have a great week Sarah,

orchid Miyako さんのコメント...

Dearest Sarah-san:;
Wow, the winter scene really fits the monochrome pictures and yours are really great♡♡♡ We sure DO have unusual weather all over the world. I've heard that the some blog friends had or still having heavy snow fall...
Someday I'll visit Nara for sure, my Japanese friend.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Yamaguchi, xoxo Miyako*

Jarek さんのコメント...

Great set of photos! I like it, especially first one. Have a nice day

Akanksha Jain さんのコメント...

Splendid photography. A good experience to visualize.

Akanksha Jain さんのコメント...

Splendid photography. A good experience to visualize.

Akanksha Jain さんのコメント...

Splendid photography. A good experience to visualize.

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...


♡♬° ·. Bom domingo!
Ótimo mês de março!
Beijinhos do Brasil.
°º♡♡♬° ·.

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Kiran palwasha さんのコメント...

So beautiful Sarah. These photograph seems like a fairy tale story for me. Good that you went on a friend request to such a nice place and share such wonderful pictures with us.

Joy さんのコメント...

So awesome winter pictures. Sad to say, but snow bring much trouble too.
have a nice week ahead:)

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...


°º。♪♫Bom fim de semana!°。♪♬
Beijinhos✿♫° ·.