The event for good luck

                              I wish you happiness in 2014, my dear friends!

I visited two auspicious events at the beginning of the year.

The first,
Osaka district is a center of commerce. So many merchants or businesspeople especially visit Ebisu-Shrine to get good luck, fortune on the 10th of January.
Ebisu-Shrines enshrine God Ebisu.
God ebisu is one of seven gods in Japan and have a fishing rod in the right hands, holding a big sea bream under the left arm. This god was a god of fishing in the old days. But after commerce started developing in the Middle Ages people began to believe as god of prosperity of business,too.

I visited Saraki-Shrine in Nara district that enshrine God Ebisu.

These women are called Fuku-Musume(Fuku means good luck, Musume means girl) and they attach ornaments to a small bamboo and shake bells to call happiness for visitor. In this shrine, they usually work for a big company but they volunteer on this day. How beautiful today's Fuku-Musumes are!

The second,
舞楽始式(The first dance of the year) in Kasuga-Grand-Shrine.

The dances came from the Asian Continent in 7or 8 century and Japan own dances have being preserved. This tradition were handed down three organizations where  are in Kyoto district,Nara district,Osaka district.
Today's dance was dedicated by Nara's organization.

        胡飲酒(konjyu) The king of the country of Hu dances intoxicated to alcohol, I heard.

   振鉾三節(enbu-sansetu) dance for praying that people live in security, 三節means honoring the heaven, the earth, the spirit ,I heard.


                                      Thank you for coming.

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Ramakrishnan Ramanathan さんのコメント...

Fascinating and colorful pictures. Thanks for sharing ! Best wishes to you in the Year of the Horse ! Could not see a header though :(

Rahul Bhatia さんのコメント...

A lovely insight to some colorful traditions and beautiful pictures to go with the post, Sarah:)

Minoru Saito さんのコメント...


Giga さんのコメント...

Piękne tradycje. Dzwonka z przyjemnością bym posłuchała i popatrzyła na taniec. Pozdrawiam.
Beautiful traditions. Tone from the pleasure I listened and looked at the dance. Yours.

sarah さんのコメント...

To Ramakrishnan Ramanathan,
Thank you for the indication.
I tryed to put my newyear's postcard at the header but I could't change into jpeg system from other system of the photo.

Now I deleted the first sentence about the newyear's card.
Thank you again!

sarah さんのコメント...

To Minoru,
Thank you for your comment.

Joy さんのコメント...

I loved reading about your culture and seeing pictures from there.
Wishing you a nice day.

Our photos さんのコメント...

Beautiful photos!

sharon さんのコメント...

what a colorful new year post...those Fuku-Musume hats how do they stay on?? it is all very interesting...yes I hear festival and cherry blossom festival all have much alcohol!!haha...much luck to you this new year

sarah さんのコメント...

To Sharon,
I think that the hat is made by paper and they fasten it by hairpins.
Thank you for comment.

Kiran palwasha さんのコメント...

Interesting events. I liked the event of good luck, its fascinating me. nice pictures. So much colorful activities are there in your country. Thank you Sarah.

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Arti さんのコメント...

Hello Sarah,

Such beautiful traditions to celebrate the arrival of a new year! I can almost hear the sound of the bells rung by Fuku-Musume calling happiness for me. Marvelous captures of the occasion, the dance form is exotic too, thank you so much for sharing. Wish you and your family a very happy, joyous and prosperous New year!

Warm wishes,

stardust さんのコメント...

年末年始ともに奈良の伝統行事を厳しい寒さにも関わらず撮影してくださり、謝謝! 戎さんは西宮戎が子供のころから行き慣れていますが、光景はほぼ同じですね。最近は母のいる神戸へ行くことが多く地元奈良での撮影から遠のいています。二優も昨日帰りました。気がつけばもう1月も半ば過ぎ・・・ 今年も一年早いだろうなぁ。今年も楽しく心地よい刺激のあるサラさんのポスト楽しみにしています。

Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Beautiful photos Sarah! I love the orange,green and gold,they shine out in dull January.....here many days are damp and cold. Thank you for sharing your visits.

Have a lovely week!

Tomoko さんのコメント...


Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

Lindo festival, alegre e colorido.

°º✿♫ Bom fim de semana!
°º✿ Beijinhos.
º° ✿✿ ♫° ·.

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah.

Maiden is very lovely, and Festival is majestic.
I want to see it in practice.

A lot of luck to You!!

cosmos さんのコメント...