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Toledo was a capital of the West Goth Kingdom around from 5century to 8century. In Middle Ages, Muslim, Jew and Christian lived together in this city.The city is called "the whole of city is museum".This city is surrounded by river Tajo and the scene from the across the river is very impressive. The Parador(the national hotel chain that reuse old castle, monastery or mansion of aristocrat,etc as a hotel ) de Toledo is located at good position to see the city. We could enjoy its nice view.

The festival  was held in Toledo. Almost of kids were carrying a bouquet. They showed the banner proudly.

After the discovery of the New Continent by Christpher Columbus, this city flourished with the fortune of trade from 15 century to 16 century and became the strongest city in Europe in those days.
The grave of Columbus is in The Cathedral and the coffin is carried by four Spainish kings' statues.
The Cathedral is very big. Incidentally, talking of magnitude of cathedral in the world, Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano, Saint Paul's in London and The cathedral in Sevilla round out top three.
When we drove in front of  the building that was used to the tobacco factory, I remembered about opera"Carmen". It's tragedy of romance and conflict among a gypsy Carmen, a soldier Don Jose, a toreador Escamillo  as you know. From the Tower of La Giralda I could see the big bullring that Escamillo might have played in. It was very hot day I visited there. Beating sunshine was perfect fit for Carmen, I wonder?


Pl.de Espana

Estadio Sntiago Bernabeu(the home stadium of the Real Madrid)
I was scared when I looked down from the highest seat. But I wanted to taste the atmosphere that eighty thousand fans are excited.

Boys and girls were very lovely. They came voluntarily, amicably with smile.

White village spreads out the fold of hills in Andalucia. On the fine day, we can see the African Continent far from here, I heard. Donkey taxi matches with this white quiet village.

They are flamenco dancers. Young and veteran.
Thank you for visiting. Have a nice Day!

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What a lovely entry. I love how you tell the story about those places you visited and the pictures are awesome.
Have a nice week:)

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Cudowne Toledo i Sevillę też miałam przyjemność oglądać, ale na stadionie i w ślicznym Mijas nie byłam. Pięknie wszystko pokazałaś na zdjęciach. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
Wonderful Toledo and Sevilla also had the pleasure to watch, but the stadium and the lovely Mijas was not. Beautifully everything you showed in the photos. Yours sincerely.

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Each picture has a story to narrate! Lovely, Sarah!

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Each and every photo is beautiful like a post card. I especially like the first and the second images with changing light at dusk and the third colorful one. The eighth made me feel weak at the knees only by seeing. Thanks for taking me along with you to the fantastic land.


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Beautiful are the photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

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Belo relato, belas fotos.





Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

Belo relato, belas fotos.





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The pictures are all so lovely enchanting and captivating.

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Dearest Sarah;
魅惑のスペイン♡♡♡ 実はサクラダファミリアに行った記憶ははっきりあるのですが、トレドは行ったかどうかさだかではありません(^^;)  
Awesome and Wonderful pictures; Thanks for the GORGEOUS trip with you♪♪♪

Lots of Love and Hugs, xoxo Miyako*

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Oh, what a beautiful post! First pisture and 2nd pic of Sevilla is something really great!Thanks for posting this trip:-)

Hope you have a great time over there. And tnx for your always nice comments.
Hugs from Tania

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Donky taxi とは面白いですね。セビリアがそれほどまでに富んだ町だったとは知りませんでした。魅力的な写真の数々、楽しく拝見しました。

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such scenic and beautiful views. My favorite one are the first two where the day and evening time is captured so beautifully....thanks for the share.

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I have a heavy workload this semester, so I've been neglecting other blogs (and my own!) rather badly, but ... I'm still reading your Spain posts. Beautiful photos!

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Ótimo mês de novembro!
Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil ❥°º•.¸

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Fabulous photos Sarah......I love the panoramic views of the city.It's very nice to see the Spanish sunshine as we now experience misty autumn.Looks like you had a very interesting time in Spain! Thanks for sharing.

Have a lovely week!