Rediscovery in Nagasaki

 I  visited Amakusa, Nagasaki in Kyusyu prefecture.
It took us about 3hours from Osaka to Kumamoto in Kyusyu prefecture by Shinkansen train and from there we drove a rental car to Hakata. 

At Amakusa in Kumamoto district
About 200 wild dolphins are living at the entrance of  the Shimabara  bay . Fishing boats  had us taken in the offing to see wild dolphins. They closed to our boat.

Around Amakusa and the mountain over the Simabara bay is Mt.Unzen-Fugendake erupted
 about 20 years before.

At Nagasaki city


大浦天主堂(oura-tensyudo) is  the oldest western-style church in Japan.


The Shogunate issued "national isolation" in 1639. And it continued for about 200 years. During this 200 years 出島(Dejima-island)was only one window open to the world. Western knowledge came to Japan through this  island. 出島 was artificial island at the tip of cape in Nagasaki and there was the trading house of Holland. Now the sea around Dejima-island has been reclaimed.

No.3 warehouse in 出島, sugar etc, import
 were stored

In 1854,national isolation was over and Nagasaki port was open.

グラバー邸(Glover Garden),  Thomas Blake  Glover came from Scotland built his house  on the south hill top in Nagasaki city in 1863.   Many traders like Glover came Nagasaki,too. Their western-style houses are still remained. They have a nice atmosphere for walking course.

Glover set up a beer company called Japan Brewery Company and made label on beer bottle. It's a label of キリンビール(kirin-beer) of the first generation. It was designed by taking after a stone guardian dogs.
The statue of  Puccini who composed the opera " Madam Butterfly" and the statue of 三浦環(Miura-Tamaki)who played madam Butterfly and became famous  were standing in the Garden. From around here , madam Butterfly could have seen well the ship of Pinkerton coming Nagasaki Port, I wonder. This is my fantasy. But I realized there were many stories  including tragedy  in such a bright place, Nagasaki.
Glover stand ed for the Satuma-Clan or the Chosyu-Clan and sold arms to them or made some of them smuggle to England. Actually Glover's house had a room to hide persons who oppose the shogunate.

Glover Garden

In those days, Nagasaki was filled with excitement people who dream japan's new dawn.
The foreign traders, many samurais who were filled with ambition of overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate,and  many young men who want to learn western knowledge came to Nagasaki.

坂本竜馬(Sakamoto Ryoma) was also one of those samurais.
After learning swordplay or gunnery, he started the political movement. After learning the technical of navigation, he organized 亀山社中(kameyama-shacyu) in Nagasaki. This was the first firm in Japan and fixed arms or vessels up the Choshu- Clan that was against the Tokugawa shogunate.

He helped over the Restoration of  Imperial Rule  but he was assassinated at Omiya in Kyoto in 1865.

The houses in Nagasaki city expand to the top of the mountain. Office building of  亀山社中 was also standing among houses on the hill . It's very hard for me to climb the narrow steep slope to visit there.

I thought why did 竜馬 chose such high place as the spot for the firm and it's too inconvenient to visit for members. According to the guide, That's because they had to act secretly from the shogunate and  they could watch well the Nagasaki branch of the shogunate or the Nagasaki port from here.

The entrance of Kameyama-Shacyu

I heard 竜馬loved a leather boots or navigation. Houses expand to the mountain.
So Nagasaki has many slops.

The night view of Nagasaki became one of the new big three night view in the world. The others are Hong Kong and Monaco.

Dutch- Slope   
The terraced paddy field in Nagasaki district 




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I marvelled at these sights and the story. Thanks for sharing. Awesome shots.

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Opisałaś ciekawą historię tego miasta. Pokazałaś ją wsaniale na zdjeciach. Ostatnie zdjecie jest bajeczne. Delfiny też było miło ogladać. Pozdrawiam.
You describe an interesting history of this city. You showed her the pictures great. Last picture is fabulous. Dolphins also it was nice to watch. Yours.

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さすが、Sarahさん、竜馬関連のこととなると詳しいし力がはいりますね。私も好きなのでうれしいです。 それにしても天草の空と海の色の美しいこと! 天草、長崎は高校の九州への修学旅行で行ったきり。写真で見る限りは変わっていないように思いますが、名所・旧跡はもっと整備されているかもしれません。長崎の棚田はスケールが大きいです。この風景が続いていきますように。

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Dearest Sarah-san
Although Nagasaki is not so far away, I've never visited there p;)
It must have been so fascinating to see dolphins swim along your boat♡♡♡

And you provided me lots of information connected there. Thomas Blake Glover with Brewery Company, Sakamoto Ryoma and so on(^_^)v I really enjoyed both pictures and learning through your explanation.

I DO hope you are doing fine under this unusual high temperature.

Lots of Love and hugs, xoxo Miyako*

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Hi Sarah,

I loved walking through the town, it seems to have a lot many fascinating stories and scenes to share from an era gone by. The dolphins though wild, still look so cute.. it must be thrilling to see them in the water from such close quarters. Loved the post, beautiful narration and spectacular pictures as always. The night view capture is super!

Wish you lovely days ahead :)

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very interesting...I hope to visit japan in the next few years and see ofr myself

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Fascinating post Sarah!
Your photos are beautiful,especially the dolphin shots.Thanks for sharing this interesting information about the history of Nagasaki.
I like your Butterfly fantasy!

Have a lovely weekend,

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Nagasaki has sure come a long way, Sarah! A very refreshing post of the beauty of the place:)

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This is a lovely post, Sarah. Glad to have found you and thanks for showing some beautiful sites of Japan.
You were so lucky to see the wild dolphins swimming, I would love to see them in the wild.

Have a good weekend,
Jo May.

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Hello, sarah.

  Your exquisite work leads my impression.
  The passion for the art.  It is universal.

  Thank you visit to my garden.
  The prayer for all peace.

Have a good weekend.  ruma❃

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hello, great photos, wonderful blog. welcome to my blog. Yours :)

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WOW! Beautiful post and pictures. Really a big city. I love the dolphins:-)

Hope you have a blessed Summer Sarah

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beautiful place and you describe it so well!! I feel im walking through the area with a narration being done by you on my side!!!