The early spring was ushered in Nara

The festival that burn  the dead grass of Mt.Wakakusa was held. This event tell the early spring to the ancient capital,Nara. The night sky in winter flared up. According to newspaper,  about one hundred eighty thousand people gathered and prayed to solace ancestors' souls.
Todaiji-temple, Kofukuji-temple and Kasuga-garand-shrine ( those are World Heritage Site) hold this event together. The ambassadors of these temples had each big Japanese lanterns written each heraldry on it and torches. They climbed up Mt. Wakakusa.  Many fireworks were displayed from top of Mt.Wakakusa. The small fire for ignition was carried from Kasuga-Grand-Shrine. The firefighters put that fire on the dry grass. The dry grass blazed up.

There are some original reasons of burning the dead grass of Mt.Wakakusa.They say someone put a light to sooth the spirits of ancient tomb, Uguisu-zuka, in Mt.Wakakusa in edo period.

We can see the grass fire in almost Nara city.
I watched this grass fires at Suzaku-gate where are 5 kilometers away from Mt.Wakakusa this year.

I could watch the grass fires at the front line last year. I was so excited. I posted this festival last year,too. If you'd like, please click The grass fires in 2012 to read it.

At front line in 2012,   Thank you firefighters

in 2012

in 2012

This heart shape Sasanqua was blooming at near Suzaku-Gate. This shape was made naturally. The gift  from nature for Saint Valentine's Day. hahaha...

On New Year's Eve
Almost  temples  hit the bell on New Year's Eve in Japan. We hear 108 times of sound of the bell around at midnight. They say human has 108 worldly desires in Buddhism. So temples hit the bell 108times to remove our worldly desires.
We can hit the bell in some of temples in Nara city. As many people came to the temple to hit, four people hit it together. This temple is Yakushiji-temple we hit the bell.

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Minoru Saito さんのコメント...

こんにちは。 私は今年はこの行事を見に行く予定でしたが、26日に用事が出来て行くのを断念しました。
 Sarah 様のブログで見る事が出来て良かったです。

you-wee because さんのコメント...

Charming photos of the grass fire and the fireworks, Sarah!

We have fires on 21th February (we call Biike fires) or in the night before Eastern Sunday as well, but then we light huge woodpiles and we want to chase winter and celebrate the beginning of springtime.


Red Rose. さんのコメント...
Red Rose. さんのコメント...

I remember this festival took place on the extremely cold day! I think you had to be very patient with that wind and chilliness! However,how exciting it is to see that such an interesting festival! I should see the event at first hand some day! All your photos are beautiful and powerful.You did it didn't you!
Have a good day!

stardust さんのコメント...

待ってました、このポストを! でも、朋子さんの書いておられる通りとてもとても寒い日だったので、どうかなと思っていました。いつもありがとう。昨年の最前列での撮影も今年の花火もよく撮れています。ハート型の山茶花、自然にそうなったなんて素敵! その下の写真のぼけ加減もいいですね。こんなふうに光をとりこんで素敵にぼけられる(senile)といいなぁと思います。:-)

snowwhite さんのコメント...

今年は若草山の前でみましたよ! 2年前に平城宮跡から写真を撮りましたのでsarahさんとはちょうどテレコになっています。

Arti さんのコメント...

Wow, Sarah! Such beautiful pictures and festival. The night shots illuminating the entire sky looks so gorgeous! I love the whole process of the tradition and the reason behind it, how lucky you got to see it from the front line last year. The valentine's tree is unique, nature truly never ceases to amaze.

Wish you happy days! :)

Spiderdama さんのコメント...

Oh, I just fall in love with the heart tree! So beautiful<3
This festival is very special and I remember your post from last year.
Great pics to show a very different world:-)

Hope you have a good time!
And maybe I have to send over some sunflower seeds if you do not find it.
Hugs from north

Giga さんのコメント...

Festiwal palenia trawy to bardzo ciekawa impreza i bardzo gorąca oraz kolorowa. Śliczne kwiatowe serduszko :). Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
Festival of smoking grass is a very interesting event and very warm and colorful. Beautiful flower heart :). Yours sincerely.

Rurousha さんのコメント...

I read this post and thought of the veldt fires currently raging in the Western Cape in South Africa: more than 72 000 hectares of fynbos have already been destroyed.

Fires have caused heart-wrenching destruction in my country. :(

I'm glad this one was controlled so well and so magnificently beautiful. Thanks for the pictures! ^^

Yamada Miyako さんのコメント...

Dearest Sarah,
Wow, the grass burning of Mt.Wakakusa sure looks big event and seems much more fascinating than the one in Akiyoshi in Yamaguchi-pref. I started to feel kid of jealous or must be far interesting to live in the historical place, hehe(*^_^*)
I neer knew the event and thank you very much for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
I wish I will have a chance to visit Nara some day to enjoy one of your seasonal event.

Love and hugs to my Japanese friend, xoxo Miyako*

cosmos さんのコメント...


haricot さんのコメント...


Arnaud さんのコメント...

I've just visited another blog about this grass burning ceremony. The first picture is absolutely wonderfull!

sarah さんのコメント...


Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Hi Sarah!
It's interesting how things look so different when seen from a distance.Your second photo looks like a scene from a film,I love the way the buildings are illuminated by the gold and bronze light.And what a gift,this beautiful heart shaped blossom tree!Thank you for sharing your fire festival.

Have a lovely week,

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah.

 Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
 Sharing a moment of peace.
 It is a joy for all.

 Your heart warm message in the cold.
 I always give mind of thanks to you.

Have a good weekend. ruma❃

Adithya Shetty さんのコメント...


Ekaterina Trayt さんのコメント...

Such an interesting tree! Nature is the best artist, isn't she? :)

今、この一瞬を さんのコメント...





Łucja-Maria さんのコメント...

I admire your great photos.
I am delighted.
I send greetings from distant Polish.

Self Sagacity さんのコメント...

The heart shaped tree is awesome. The burning field is not so good. Smiles. I have always wondered about the dangers of firecrackers on New Years too!