My Autumn trip in France

I visited France in September. I have been to Paris three times. This time I visited the other beautiful cities and Paris.

Upside-down pyramid

pyramidal entrance at Musee du
Louvre( click picture to enlarge them)

The new restairant in Opera Garnier

Eiffel Tower and doves

The park near Musee Marmottan. 
 I happened to meet a Canadian
in MuseeMarmottan who was teaching
 English  near my house.  Who set
 a lot of chestnuts on the bench, I wonder?

As you know Paris is attractive artistic beauty city. But getting out of Paris, the farms are so large that I can’t distinguish the boarder of the land and the sky. Vines were lined up infinitely in order on the plain. They were winding lower posts not a shelf like in Japan. The fields of corn or grain have started to turn yellow. Those field in the evening sun reminded me of  “ L'Angelus(The Angelus) or " Des Glaneuses( The Gleaners)"  by Millet.

I heard mothers in France think the best nutritional value for their children when they ready meals for them. I thought it’s possible as I saw those large harvest on the fields. I also heard the population in France is increasing.

Mont St-Michel at a distance

Mont St-Michel

The cloister in Mont St-Michel

West side terrace in Mont St-Michel
A lot of sea gulls fly on the mud flat
 in Mont St-Michel

Sunset and contrails

Chateau d'Amboise---one of  old chateaus along river Loire

one of pilgrimage place--Rocamadour
three pilgrimage place--Rocamadour,
 Mont St- Michel, Chemins de
Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle en France
Rocamadour--world heritage site
I watched the ballet by the director George Balanchine  at Opera  Garnier  in Paris. The ballet was modern and the movement of dancers were interesting.

Act 1
Painting by Chagall
Our seats were the first raw in one of the balconies in the Face of the third floor. The balcony was things like a compartment. So it has twelve seats, coat hanger, a red long sofa and a door.

I rushed out of the balcony to take photos without having anything except for my camera at the intermission. That’s a totally failure. I was taking the gorgeous stairs at the first floor. Soon the bell rang to let people know the start of the next stage. I climbed up the third floor and I was surprised. Because each balcony had the same door. I had no idea which door is my balcony’. For I didn’t have anything, a ticket or a bag except for my camera. I tried to enter one balcony but it didn’t make a hit. Some doors were already shut and I couldn’t open them. A young usher and I got into a panic. But two doors were open yet. I managed to reach my seat at last. The stage had already started.

Basilique de Notre-Dame de
 Fourviere in Lyon

Site historique de Lyon--Cathedrale St-Jean or La Saone

Pont du Gard--the waterworks bridge of Roman.

Bourgogne wine at Beaune

Hotel Dieu--old hospital--at Beaune

Pont Saint-Benezet( bridge in Avignon)--It was left with half broken.

When I visited Paris last time I came across a girl pickpocket in a metro. But she couldn’t get my wallet because I noticed her cold fingers run on my fingers that took hold of the zipper of my bag. Also I  witnessed   polices were chasing a suspicious man at the  airport Charles de Gaulle and the man run away quickness my side.  I witnessed dangerous side at that time.

But this time I could feel the rich leisurely localities and lovely Paris.

Ville fortifiee histrique de Carcassonne
(one of the largest fortress village in Europe
Pont Van Gogh in Arles-- I heard
 there are many great beauty in Arles

the basin for yachts in Nice

Marche in Nice

Beadh in Nice

Eze--village built on a top of the mountain

in Ezu village

Cassis--nice resort--Cassis wine is tasty

Plane tree avenue in Aix-En-Provence

Morning glow in Lyon

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Marc Sheffner さんのコメント...

Lovely photos (as always) and helpful titles. Brought back many memories. My parents live near Rocamadour and I visited there the last time I saw them. Mont-St-Michel I visited with other young exchange students (Germans, Spanish, etc). At that time, I was in Orleans on the river Loire and I certainly visited Chateau d'Amboise (and many others - the memories tend to blur at this distance). It was a long walk up all those stairs, I remember! My cousin lives in Lyons but I've never visited. Nice, Avignon, Carcassone, I think my parents took me when I was very small and I don't remember anything. So thanks for the pictures!

you-wee because さんのコメント...

Lucky girl!
You visited (more or less) the whole country of France within one?, two?? or even three??? weeks? Incredible!
That's what I call the "Japanese style of travelling". See as much as you can within the given time. That's what Chinese or Japanese tourists in Germany do as well: Exploring Germany in max. one week. Frankfurt, Heidelberg, sometimes Wuerzburg or Bamberg, Rothenburg, Munich Hofbraeuhaus, Neuschwanstein castle - and back to Japan. That's the picture most of them have of Germany. But I could see you visited some very beautiful places at France as well, so you obviously saw the "essence of France"...
Thanks for sharing your individual impressions of my neighbour country.

Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Sarah,what a wonderful trip you've been on. I'll comment again later when I have had time to absorb everything.
Meanwhile have a great weekend!


Spiderdama さんのコメント...

Oh, what a trip!! So many beautiful places you have visited. I have been in Lyon, but I can not remember it was that beautiful as you show:-)
I would love to visit the place Mont St-Michel. Looks like you have been driving around a lot?

I actually posted photos of my few hours in Paris today:-)

Happy weekend to you!
Hugs from north

joy さんのコメント...

Wow, what a wonderful trip you ahd there, except of course the episode with a thief. Yes, they are all over. My dream too to visti France one day.
Thanks for sharing!

sharon さんのコメント...

wonderful shots of happy times i envy you

cosmos さんのコメント...


haricot さんのコメント...


stardust さんのコメント...

帰国後の疲れもなんのその、パワフルで素敵なポスト! 素晴らしい写真の数々は、サラさんの訪れたところをたどってみたい気にさせてくれます。秋から冬は焼き栗の季節と聞いています。日本だと天津甘栗でしょうか。続きのお話もまたきかせてくださいね。

snowwhite さんのコメント...

40年ぐらい前にパリを旅行したのを思い出します。蚤の市で太ったおばさんが”アテンシオン マドマーゼル(?)”とか叫んでくれたおかげでスリに気ずきました。バッグの口金があいていました。

Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Sarah,I feel as though I've actually been on this tour with you!Your lovely photos illustrate so well the key focal points.Chestnut trees in Paris are amazing at this time of year aren't they?
And you even visited Carcassonne and Mont St Michel.You have covered a lot of ground,how did you travel?
Thank you for sharing your journey,your photos have brought back lots of happy memories for me!


Red Rose. さんのコメント...


sarah さんのコメント...

To Ruby
I was surprised with chestnuts in Paris. It's cold in Paris and people wore light coats.
This time we joined a package tour though we drove from Bath to Edinburgh by a rent-a-car slowly when I visited your country. So we could visit many place by a big bus efficiently. But as it's a long distance I was tired.

Giga さんのコメント...

Byłaś we wspaniałych i pięknych miejscach we Francji. Zobaczyłaś, prawie wszystko to, co tam jest do zobaczenia znanego. Zdjęcia też świetne zrobiłaś. Smutno, że i przykre wydarzenia Cię spotkały. Byłaś chyba tam dość długo, bo tyle widziałaś. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
You were in great and beautiful places in France. Saw almost everything there is to see familiar. Pictures did great too. Sad and painful events that you met. Unless you've been there a long time, because I've seen enough. Regards warm.

Rurousha さんのコメント...

I haven't been to Europe for almost 15 years, but this post made me go 懐かしい throughout! France is a very special place.

PS: Oh, well, so is Japan. :)

Minoru Saito さんのコメント...


Arti さんのコメント...

What a wonderful trip you have been on, Sarah! And whats more, you took us there along too through your gorgeous pictures! Thank you so much for the virtual tour to one of the most artistic cities in the world, I just cant get over that stunning splendor of the Louvre pyramid. I am glad this trip was a successful one for you except of course the balcony episode which must have surely caused some panic.

What is the mode of transport people generally use there for commuting? Trains, taxis or bus? Is the city costlier to live than Japan, in general?

sarah さんのコメント...

To Arti,
I'm afraid I don't know what French use for commuting but I watched many French were riding metro,bus and we used taxis,because we didn't have much time and its fare is cheaper than Japan.
And also I'm afraid I don't know the cost of living as I didn't live there, I think food or drink are a little bit higher but admission fees of museums or vehicles fare are cheaper.

orchid さんのコメント...

OMG, dearest Sarah;
Ihave been to several countries in my 30's and 40's. But never been to France☆☆☆ What a FABULOUS trip you had and I truly enjoyed the enlarged pictures, my Japanese friend♬♬♬ Haha, mystery of the chestnuts. Beside the sightseeing, I have never watched the ballet, either. Whew. you made me SO jealous today o(*^▽^*)o
Love you always and happy rest of the week, xoxo Miyako*

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah.

  Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
  And sweet message charms my heart.

  The prayer for all peace.
  I wish You all the best.

Have a good day. ruma ❀

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

Lindo passeio.
Lindas fotos de recordação.
Bom fim de semana!

匿名 さんのコメント...

thanks for sharing...

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...


Bom fim de semana!
°º♪ Brasil ♫♫♫

you-wee because さんのコメント...

Dear Sarah,
I have to say sorry for my late reply, but sometimes even Germans can be busy every now and then... :-) Obviously I confused you with my last comment.
We definitely have different understandings in how a vacation trip should be. Two weeks ago I was in Rothenburg again, together with my wife and two good friends. Not far away from Hotel Eisenhut (you obviously were several years ago) we sat in a small coffee bar, observing tourists in front of the old Rothenburg town hall, direct on the other end of the central market place. I saw (and photographed...:-) several of the tourists. Among them were two groups of Japanese travellers. They all looked very busy, it doesn't seem that they had plenty of time to explore Rothenburg, because the bus trip to the next destination followed up. I had the wish to tell them: "Please take place next to our table at the small coffee bar. Rest and slow down. Let's talk to each other. You are on vacation. Take your time to explore the (real) beauty and secrets of Rothenburg off the beaten track. There's much more than the two main roads and a panorama view every Rothenburg tourist has in his or her photo album. ..."
But I'm not sure if they understood what I would like to tell them. Because it's exactly what you told me: collect as much as possible (just) the famous tourist destinations. Don't waste time for a talk to the local population, although it can be hard to talk to them (with exception of the hotel personal), just continue hurrying up...
That's not my style of doing a vacation trip. But I have to accept that there are different opinions when discussion this topic. When staying in Tokyo seven weeks ago, I was eager to see the main attractions as well. But I felt even more comfortable when I did it my own way, visiting the street and break dancers, being a visitor among Japanese people at the Harajuku dance festival and sitting among the local population when visiting a Japanese restaurant - and much more. So I was able to collect individual impressions off the beaten track, not every normal tourist can make during a guided tour.
In good hope not having you confused even more than before, I send you my kindest regards from one world to another cosmos...:-)

Abhishek bhardwaj さんのコメント...

Those were some very nice pictures.
I have heard lot about France and Paris.
The country side there is very beautiful and it was evident from your Post.