Spring is in full swing (2)

I'd like to show you Cherryblossoms again this time.

(1) Cherryblossom at Osaka Mint in Osaka city
About 130 kind of lovely rare cherryblossoms are  at best in Osaka Mint. So the Mint open gates for one week in this season. Many people visit to enjoy them. It's one of things Spring in Osaka district.
This year's flower that Osaka Mint chose is " 小手毬" (it means a small). Many flowers gather and bloom at the tips of twigs like a small ball.
The Osaka Mint is along Okawa-river. I put about  the cherry blossoms that were in full bloom along  Okawa-river on my last blog----Spring is in full swing (1)

Cherry blossom of green

The museum of Mint at night

This site close to the end

A lot of stalls along outside of the fence of the Mint line

(2) Cherryblossom at Buturyuji-temple in Nara                                 district                                            

This cherry tree is more than 900 years old and it's oldest and biggest in Nara district.  The circumference of the root of this tree is 7.7meters and its height is 16 meters. This temple grew the oldest tea that Kukai brought from Tang in nine century  .                   

 (3)  Cherryblossom at Hasedera-temple at Sakurai-city in Nara district
This temple is famous as "the Temple of Flower". Many kinds of flowers, for exsample cherryblossom, peony, hydrangea, etc entertain visitors for all seasons.
This temple was built in 686 and came on works of famouse writers till now. 

桜吹雪(petals of cherryblossom are flying down like snowstorm)

from inside of main hall

   (4)  又兵衛桜(Matabe-Cherry tree) at Uda-city in Nara district
We  call this cherry tree Matabe-Cherry tree after 後藤又兵衛(Goto Matabe). He was a samurai warrior around  17 century. He was a expert of a spear. But he died in battle of 大阪夏の陣(the battle between the Tokugawa and the Toyotomi). This cherry tree was adopted in the opening of NHK TV drama.
When I saw this tree I felt like a worrior that faces up to an enemy with spreading his arms wide. So it's a cherryblossom like a man, I wonder?
Then which cherryblossm is like a woman ? It's Ito-zakura in Kyoto-Imperial-Palace, I wonder? They wafted elegance like girls of aristocrat in Heian period. I put Ito-zakura in Kyoto-Imperial-Palace on my last blog.

Peach flowers were in full bloom back of it

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匿名 さんのコメント...

Hello Sarah,
thank you for your comment in my blog!
Those flowers in your photos are so wonderful, I admire them greatly.
You have pictures of many places in your sidebar. I have seen also those places and I have visited also Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto.
I and my husband are biologists and we were many years ago there in some congress. Did you know that your Emperor`s brother is the sea biologist. We met him and his wife in some cocktail party, she even spoke with me :)

Nice beginning week to you!

Giga さんのコメント...

Kwiaty wiśni są cudowne, niektóre wyglądają jak różyczki ( pierwsze zdjęcia). U Was teraz jest jak w bajce. Pozdrawiam.
Cherry blossoms are wonderful, some look like rubella (first photo). You do now is like a fairytale. Yours.

cosmos さんのコメント...


Rurousha さんのコメント...

I've never seen green cherry blossoms! What are they called? The deep pink ones with many petals on one blossom are also gorgeous. Again, do you know what this species is called?

The Matabe tree is beautiful and, yes, rather manly! :D

snowwhite さんのコメント...


snowwhite さんのコメント...


haricot さんのコメント...


Arti さんのコメント...

Delightful captures all of them, sarah! I especially loved the pinkish white blooms, they are so pretty and delicate, and the 'The Temple of Flower'. How peaceful and serene to have a place of worship in the midst of gorgeous mother nature! Many thanks for taking us all on yet another refreshing photographic tour of your beautiful country.

Have a wonderful week ahead :)

roxana さんのコメント...

Hello Sarah,

It must be a blessing to live such an enchanting, fragrant spring in a city with almost 1000 years old cherry trees!
I smiled when I read about the warrior Matabe cherry tree, because I often try to guess what type of trees are those I'm passing by in my walks in the middle of nature. You can really feel and tell if it's a male or a female, isn't it?
Your pictures are beautiful and the petals snow must be just as magic as a childhood fairy tale...
The green cherry blossom was a big surprise. I didn't even know it exists. Thank you very much for sharing!

Warm greetings and have a good week!

Tania さんのコメント...

This must be the most romantic flower in the world:-) So beautiful and you shows it so nice with your pictures. I like your special houses too.

Hope you have a good spring time:-)

stardust さんのコメント...


Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Wow Sarah! The cherry trees must feel the love coming to them at this time of year.The peach flowers look amazing too,very bright.Your photos are lovely,especially the header.

Thanks for sharing.

Rahul Bhatia さんのコメント...

Absolutely fascinating pictures:)

Tomoko さんのコメント...

Now,I am taking a break of blogging.
Have a good day.

sarah さんのコメント...

To Leena
Wow, you are a biologist and came Nara and talked with the wife of Emperor's brother. That's wonderful! I didn't know Emperor's brother is a sea biologist. But the second son of Emperor is famous as "the Highness of catfish". What is your major in biology, I wonder.
Thank you for nice comment.

To Rurousha
The name of green cherry is 御衣黄(gyoiko)and the name of a deep pink cherryblossom is 紅手毬(benitemari).
I'm sorry that my response was late.

Q さんのコメント...

Dear Sarah,
Such "wa"....gorgeous....
I love your country...I love the way you honor nature. The cherry blossoms make me cry, they touch my soul.
Thank you for this beauty.

匿名 さんのコメント...

I like Matabe cherry tree, tho I don't pay any attention to the story behind it. Manly, womanly, who cares?! It's beautiful. And you've captured it in the beautiful afternoon light.

(BTW, I think the link in "my last blog" should be http://sarahenglishwritingblog.blogspot.jp/2012/04/spring-is-in-full-swing.html )

sarah さんのコメント...

To Marc

Thank you for the indication of the link in "my last blog".

Who cares? It's me. But people(Japanese)named that name. So many Japanese think them manly or womanly,I think.

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

°º✿ Olá, amiga!
Muito bonito!
Tão lindo!!!


°º✿ Beijinhos.
º° ✿ ✿ Brasil

LifeRamblings さんのコメント...

those cherry blossoms are extremely spectacular Sarah. lovely colours and textures. the green one is truly one of a kind. i don't think i've come across such colour before.

Karin M. さんのコメント...

Great photo work, so lovely flowers..
Love Greetings, Karin

genie さんのコメント...

Sarah: I never knew there were so many types of cherry tree. The different trees really do have different looking blooms. Some of the bushes seem to cover the hills...amazing. Your photo with the petals floating to the ground is magical. I never have seen such big trees with such wonderful blooms. I know it has to smell sweet there. genie

Joyful さんのコメント...

Absolutely stunning!

Arija さんのコメント...

The old cherry trees are a joy to see that something so fragile can last so long. I struggle to keep my birthday tree ( double pink flowering cherry ) alive. One of the pair died last year.

Your cherry blossom pictures make me think of young girls and brides, maybe because of their innocence and pristine beauty.

A wonderful post.

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah.

  Matabe Sakura is the greatest...
  The work including spring.
  The vitality of the heart is made to arise.

  I am glad of your visit, though each other is far distantly.
  The prayer for all peace and healthy.
Have a good weekend. ruma ❃

Magia da Inês さんのコメント...

Boa semana!


°º °♫♫♪¸.•°`

you-wee because さんのコメント...

Wonderful springtime impressions you show us, Sarah!

By the way - it's "A shop sign in Wuerzburg" instead of a "A shop sign in Burzburg".

Regards, Uwe,
living in Germany between Wuerzburg and Rothenburg.

LifeRamblings さんのコメント...

cherry blossoms are something I just never get tired of and you've captured them so beautifully.