Indian Summer at Nara Park

I walked around Nara Park on one day of Indian summer. Nara park is a World Heritage Site and it takes about 20 minutes from my house by car. I met some children wearing kimono at Kasuga Shrine.  In Japan when boys are three years old and five years old and girls are three years old and seven years old, parents take them to a shrine to pray their happy growth on 15th in November. We call this custom 7.5.3.( Shichi-Go-San in Japanese) I also have taken my child to this Kasuga Shrine once.

a shrine gives Titose-ame( a rock candy)put in a paper bag that a left person is holding

As it's warmer this year than previous years, it's a bit earlier for colored leaves of maple or ginkgo.

There were ginkgo nuts in the tree. They ripened and smell.

Cherry trees  already have buds  with red leaves.

It has white nuts.


Persimmon is a specialty of Nara

Around there, many members of a painting club were sweeping their brushes across canvases or a lot of students for school trip and many foreigners were enjoying sightseeing or walking or feeding deers rice bran  crackers.
They leave about 1100 deers at large in Nara Park.

He can't have his lunch box as deers pressing food.

Deers gather to rice bran crackers

Syuriken were sold at a souvenir shop. This is a kind of sword.

Going though the Wood of Kasuga, I went in Todaiji Temple area.
Todaiji temple was build in A.D.745 by the emperor Syomu and it's the biggest wooden architecture in the world. The huge Buddha(14.7m in height) is sitting inside。
The Imperial Household Agency keeps many treasures in the storehouses that's called Syosoin in  Todaiji temple site. The treasures include paintings, calligraphies, carpentries, gold works, lacquer works, swords, potteries, glass works, musical instruments, masks etc. ancient arts. Nara is said the terminal of the Silk Road. So the treasures brought from the Silk Road are also included. A Japanese lute has mother-of-pearl work or a sword red jewels are embedded are very beautiful.
I saw a big ginkgo tree near Syosoin.

Snake gourd

A big ginkgo tree

Reflection of red leaves

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Spiderdama さんのコメント...

What a beautiful and colorful post! As always in Japan.. you have so much color.. it seems so gray in my world when I see your pictures.
I just love the first photo of that little girl. I never had any pink when I was a girl..
Even your leaf looks pink in that great light.
Thanks for a wonderful post!
Hugs from Tania:-)

Ps: Thanks for all your nice comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

cosmos さんのコメント...

Wow, the header looks like an impressionistic picture with the reflection in water shimmered in soft light. Ginkgo trees are so gorgeous. I remember picking up ginkgo nuts there. As you might know, they smell terribe though.

Red Rose. さんのコメント...

Good morning Sarah.
I have just opened my PC. This is a very sweet post. I love it.
秋の奈良公園の様子がそれぞれの写真によく表現されていて、おもわず微笑んでしまいました。それにしても銀杏の実は鈴なりですね!着物を着た女の子は可愛い。鹿が食べ物を欲しがっている様子も、見慣れた光景ですけどホッと心和ませる光景です。I enjoyed your post. This is a perfect start for my day today!!
Have a good day!
Red Rose, Tomoko.

stardust さんのコメント...

こうして写真をながめていると、暖かい秋の陽ざしの中、サラさんが楽しく撮影している様子が目に浮かびますよ。 私も心和みます。 鏡池付近は私も大好きです。ヘッダーの写真、きらめく水面に映る紅葉と陽に輝く紅葉の取り合わせが素敵! 柿も柔らかくなり食べごろでおいしいで~す。 See you soon.


Michelle My Bell さんのコメント...

BEAUTIFUL... thanks for taking me along on your walk :)

haricot さんのコメント...


Arti さんのコメント...

Lovely post sarah! Loved the gingko tree, it looks huge and has beautifully spread out branches... And that first pic is so cute, the little girl looks beautiful dressed in that dress...
What a fantastic part of the world you live in, thanks for bringing it to me.
Have a fantastic week ahead:)

R.Ramakrishnan さんのコメント...

Your photographs are very professional -the leaves and fruits/nuts are so colorful & attractive. You make it seem like a fairy land ! When you say Indian Park I presume you mean Red Indian or Native American Indian ? The deer feeding pics are wonderful. The last one showing reflection in water is simply superlative. Thanks for the fabulous post.

sarah さんのコメント...

To Tania,
I like pink,red,orange or clear colors so I tend to choose photos have these colors. Children's kimono color are almost those colors. Thank you for comment.

To Cosmos,
I didn't know that green fruits are wrapped with nuts and pulps. Yes they smelled bad.

To Red rose,
I am glad this post became your good starter. I walked Nara Park alone and there were many places I don't know.

To Stardust,
I went to the pond for the first time. And I could happen to take the refrection. There must be more good points in Nara park.

To Michelle,
Thank you for nice comment. I became to like Beautiful.

To Haricot,
I could happen to take the refrection. It might be good that the soft sunlight came a little dark pond from the right angle.

To Arti,
Yes that is a very big ginkgo tree grows side , too. I didn't see a big ginkgo like that. It's so big that it's dark under the tree.

To R.Ramakrishnan,
I wrote "Indian Summer at
Nara Park" but I don't know origin of the word "Indian Summer". It means warm weather in late autumn as you know. Thank you for a nice comment.

Forest Dream Weaver さんのコメント...

Hi Sarah!
The reflections on water photo is beautiful,like a Monet.The ginkgo trees remind me of European horse chestnut trees.I know poke root as a medicinal ointment for skin complaints and I'm wondering if this is the same plant.
The little girl in her kimono is very pretty..... anticipating a new experience!

Happy weekend,

sarah さんのコメント...

I heard poke-weed has poison so I don't know whether it is the same thing or not.

匿名 さんのコメント...

Such dreamy and beautiful shots!

FotoAnna さんのコメント...

I really loves the colors and the refections!
Great captures Sarah.
Greetings from Holland,
Anna :-))

Q さんのコメント...

Each photograph is a work of art....
Gorgeous...I grow Pokeweed in my backyard. The birds love the berries...
I enjoyed my time with you this evening learning about your beautiful country and culture.
thank you,

cloudbusting2 さんのコメント...

This was a really pretty and leafy post...apart from the ninja weapons, hah!

I just ate a persimon today and they taste really good. They are so heavy and juicy.

今、この一瞬を さんのコメント...




snowwhite さんのコメント...

いつも見慣れた風景もsarahさんの目を通すと新鮮にうつります。 奈良の一番素晴らしい時が見事に表現されています。紅葉、とっても雰囲気があっていいですね。

Ekaterina Trayt さんのコメント...

Hello, Sarah!
Ah, the deer are so cute ^^ I also like syuriken - it's a beautiful weapon.

Deer is cute and fluffy but can steal your food or bite you. Syuriken is beautiful yet dangerous. Is that a harmony of yin yang?

sarah さんのコメント...

To Ladyfi,
Thank you for nice comment. Dreamy.

To FotoAnna,
I could happen to catch this reflection. This pond reflect trees beside the pond very well.

To Q,
I'm glad that you enjoyed our beautiful country and culture. Pokeweed fruits have very juicy, so birds like them,I wonder.

To Cloudbusting2,
Persimmons are a specialty of Nara. We planted a tree of persimmon in our garden some years ago so we could harvest its fruits. But they are small yet.

To 今、この一瞬を、
Thank you for nice comment.
Deers are used to people and they sometimes bow to people have food.
Babies are very cute.

To Snowwhite,
I have been Nara park several times. But I went this Daibutu-pond for the first time. I didn't know such a beautiful place in Nara park.

To Ekaterina Trayt,
Babies of deer are very cute in the spring.
I think yin is at opposit side of yang. For example, sun and moon,spring and autumn, south and north,etc. The order of nature is kept by those yan and yin. So though I don't know this well the relation between beautiful and dangerous equal yang and yin,I wonder?

ruma さんのコメント...

Hello, sarah.

  Lovely your works, full of JOY!

  Thank you World-wide LOVE.
  and, your Support.

  The prayer for all peace.
  I wish You all the best.

Have a good weekend.
From Japan, ruma ❀

Redruby さんのコメント...

lovely images you got here...simply fantastic..i wish to visit Japan in the future..

thanks for the visit in one of my blogs..

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