Early Spring

Last week, we had heavy snow in Nara,too.

How tall of the snow on the red plum and the sparkle of ice- diamond on the next day in my garden
  This year, it's snowing heavily  particularly  around the side of Japan Sea. So migratory birds can't get food there and they visit the side of Pacific Ocean for food. At that time they also spread germs of bird-flu,and a lot of chicken in Wakayama prefecture,for example, had to be killed ,I heard. While the number of  human  with  flu in Japan is getting decrease but the amount of patient have a hay-fever will rise dramatically in this spring, according to a newspaper. Please be careful everyone! The cause of hay-fever may be in your garden.

Red plum covered with snow is getting  more flowers day by day

A couple of Hina-doll in my house. I like their Japanese-like face

Flower of peach usually accompanies The dolls'  Festival

 And spring is coming to Nara surely.
The sunrise time became at 6:39 and the sunset is at 17:45 today.
Two weeks ago it was at 6:54 and at 17:31.
The Dolls' Festival( or The Girls' Festival) will come soon.
We decorate Hina-Dolls and wish our daughters' happy or growth. Also we have a party in front of the dolls on 3rd March. The table will spread with Chirashi-Sushi, Hamaguri-clam soup, salad seasoned with vinegar miso and sweet white sake or hina-arare for sweets etc, as usual.

Ichimatu-ningyou . We decorate this together with Hina-dolls.

Kamakurabori was curbed by aunt-in-low before 33 years ago
  And I thought I will add also makarons for sweet this year. Because  I ate pretty colourful makarons  in Paris last Autumn and I wanted to make them on my own.  Happily I happened  to watch  makaron cooking  on TV .

At last I succeeded  makaron have jugged. This indent calls "pie" in French.

So I tried to cook makaron, watching a cooking book.
At  the first, I failed because I mixed dough of makaron too much. I made it too much soft.
At the second,The surface had cracks because I baked them just after I squeezed dough on the oven plate.
At the third, I succeeded at last. I could watch lovely pink makarons.

So let me talk how to cook makaron.

[ ingredient for 20 makarons ]
the white of egg          65g
granulated sugar         25g
almond powder          50g
powder sugar             90g
cocoa powder or soybean flour or powdered green tea or color powder etc you like  .                 a little

Look this thickness. I heard this shop made them at first. Many men made a line to buy them at the shop when I went there. I think men in Japan don't buy such sweet. So I was surprised to see the line.

[how to cook ]
(1)  Whisk egg white by a whip-machine, putting granulate sugar  three times till horn of  form  is made.
(2)  Sift almond powder,powder sugar,cocoa or other you like and enter it into (1) and mix them softly by a rubber spatula and then  make the forms  fine .   Don't do it too much. Lax of dough lead to failure

(3) Enter it into squeeze-bag  with 6mm mouthpiece and squeeze it to a circle 3 cm in diameter on the oven-      paper. And leave it for about 2hours to dry the surface.-----This is a secret of success.

(4) Bake them in the oven 170c  between from 1minute to 4 minutes( till the jagged  bottom(pie)  appear to makaron)

(5) After that, bake it 130c for 18 minutes.

(6) Sandwich  something (choco-ganache or butter cream of green tea or jam etc.) between two.

Makaron shop in Paris. I knew its good taste and many  lovable  colors for the  first time at last Autumn.


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cosmos さんのコメント...

I know you are a great cook. You are kind and lovely enough to share those home-made makarons with me. The color of them is a perfect fit to hina-matsuri. The emperor and the empress are sure happy with a bit different taste of sweets this year.

An ode to springtime is your trasnlation?

redrose さんのコメント...

You have such beautiful Hina-dolls,
and Ichimatsu doll.
I do not have any....It is sad.

I know you are a very good cook.
Your colorful sweets and many dishes must have brightened the Dolls' Festival.

By the way, the wood carving of Kamakura bori was made for your daughters?
I love wood carvings and Kamakura bori as well.

Last but not least, all of your photos are beautiful,and taken clearly.

Barb さんのコメント...

Hello Sarah, I'm looking at your wonderful pink Plum blossoms just before the sun rises here in CO. I am in the city of Denver today but this afternoon my Husband and will travel to our mountain home where there is much snow. Your spring in Nara will arrive before mine, so I will have to visit my Japanese friends to enjoy some warmth and blooms. Your Hina Doll with the long black hair reminds me of my Granddaughter, Neve. The carving your aunt made is a very special keepsake. Your pink cookies look perfect! Stay well.

stardust さんのコメント...

Beautiful photos and nice arrangements! I displayed hina dolls yesterday at last. I'll take them down and put them away as quick as possible for my daughter. Your hina dolls look like brand-new seeing from the photos.

Thank you for the recipe of macaroon and tips to make them successfully. I’d like to try it when I have enough time.

"An Ode to Springtime" must be “Soshunfu” translated by Mr. Yamagishi. Right?

haricot さんのコメント...

I'm surprised that you celebrate girls' festival every year with some proper dishes for the day. I've forgotten it for long time. This year I will try with my dolls of simple hand works.

My son and I walked around Paris as backpackers more than ten years ago.
I preferred warmer atmosphere on the left side of Seine. I would like to visit there again but the chance have not yet come to me.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for comment,Cosmos.
Translater of "An Ode to Springtime" is Mr.Yamagishi Katsuei like Stardust says.
Of course it's not me. But I like " how could I hold back my excitement at this time of year?" I think this is good expression of gushing emotion.
One singer was singing another translation on our radio but I could't get it well.

snowwhite さんのコメント...

Your header has a delicate reflection of beautiful sunset!!

I have very bad hey-fever and I don't want to think about how worse it will be!!

The first picture also has crystal reflection through tiny icicles. I love this. Oh, now I'm a sucker for reflections!!

How lucky your husband is!! I will never show your blog to my husband.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for your comment, Red Rose.
And thank you for admiring.
But to tell the truth, a part of long hair of a hina-doll of empress got the moth long ago. So I managed to mend it by using black paint and glue.
Kamakurabori was given at elder daughter's first Dolls' Festival. Kamakurabori is one of aunt-in-low's hobby.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for comment,Barb.
You get up early in the morning,don't you? But I wonder what is just before sunrise at Denber among mountains or your mountain house like?
You have a granddaughter,lovely Neve. So the doll with long black hair was gifted to my daughter by her grandmother at her first Dolls' Festival. And the carving is too.
Well, I am looking forward to visiting your blog.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for comment,Stardust.
I could do it arrangement at last. but I cann't trim.
To tell the truth, some of Hina-dolls got moth and some miniature furnitures are broken. I also have to put them away just after Festival.
And you are right.The translater is Yamagishi Katuei.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for comment,Haricot.
To tell the truth, decolating dolls means to change moth-ball and dry it. Long ago I didn't decolate them because of busy and when I decorated them the next year,I noticed getting moth. Lately daughters don't come back home on that day because of busy. So I only have proper?
cook with husband.
I wish you can go to Paris again.

sarah さんのコメント...

Thank you for comment,Snowwhite.
And thank you very much for admiring some thing.
Images of your reflection is wonderful. Your sensibility for expression is sharp and your camera is too.
You have already hey-fever.Take good care of yourself.